Saturday , 25 October 2014
  • Jamaican Lion Bud

    Jamaican Lion Bud

    A beautiful multicolored plant that is easy on the eyes!

  • Manicuring is Key!

    Manicuring is Key!

    To ensure the health of your plant, make sure to manicure and care for it with clean clippers.

  • Resin on Leaf's Edge

    Resin on Leaf's Edge

    This beautiful resin has the potential for a great future as hash.

  • Seeded Sweet Diesel

    Seeded Sweet Diesel

    A magnifying glass (or good zoom lens) shows just how sweet these buds are!

  • Mite on Marijuana Leaf

    Mite on Marijuana Leaf

    Check your plants carefully for damage and keep away the pests!

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