First “Full” Grow journal By Ganjah

See the Full Journal at … a buddy of mine was not able to finish flowering his 4 ladies at his place, so 1-2 weeks into flowering they moved in here and I took over… here’s a couple of the first pictures I took. My buddy had already LST’d them, to keep them low profile.…

Closed Loop BHO Cannabis Extractors

Jorge Cervantes speaks with Anthony at Trim Scene Solutions and checks out these large BHO closed loop cannabis extractors. During this tour, Anthony talks about the extractors, what they do, how to use them and so much more. Safety first! Only professionals should be using this equipment. Want to learn more?


Afgoo Grow Journal

Check out this great Afgoo Grow Journal that was posted to Jorge Cervantes Forum. Post your own Grow Journal and we might post about it. If you don’t have an account sign up and let other users see your progress In the beginning God created Afgoo for man to cultivate. This is at the beginning…

Recovering Outdoor Cannabis (Part 2)

In this Video Jorge Cervantes shows how to fertilize your plants that have been hit by a hard drought. First removing the straw to expose the soil, Applying fertilizer to the soil. Then covering back up with straw before watering. This is Part 2 of Recovering Outdoor Cannabis Plants.