Tuesday , 24 November 2015
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Before You Cut Clones

Clones vid

Jorge Cervantes visits Wonderland Nursery. In this visit Jorge is shown the beginning steps on how Wonderland Nursery cuts over a million clones per year. One big thing pointed out in this video is the use of Oasis Rootcubes instead of the widely used Rockwool cubes. Oasis is more sustainable, biodegradable, holds a lot of water and air.   Read More »

Jorge Tours A Mother Room

Jorge Mother room

Jorge Cervantes visits Wonderland Nursery in the first of many videos touring the facility. In this video Jorge shows you the mother room, where they grow all the plants they clone from.   Read More »

Purging Concentrated Cannabis

Purging Concentrated Cannabis

Jorge is at Trim Scene Solutions for one last video on his tour. In the past videos with Trim Scene Solutions, Jorge went through all types of different trimmers and cannabis extraction machines and methods. In this short video, Jorge goes over different purge devises and goes over the importance of purging solvent cannabis extract.   Read More »

Cannabis Alcohol Extraction Machine

Cannabis Alcohol Extraction Machine

Jorge Cervantes stops by Trim Scene Solutions and talks to Anthony about alcohol extraction machines. This method of extracting cannabis produces a more fluid concentrate, popular with the vape pens.   Read More »

Non-Solvent Cannabis Extraction Equipement

nonsolvent vid pic

Jorge Cervantes goes to Trim Scene Solutions and is guided by Anthony who shows Jorge different tools and equipment for making water extraction and dry ice extraction.   Read More »

Closed Loop BHO Cannabis Extractors

closed loop BMO

Jorge Cervantes speaks with Anthony at Trim Scene Solutions and checks out these large BHO closed loop cannabis extractors. During this tour, Anthony talks about the extractors, what they do, how to use them and so much more. Safety first! Only professionals should be using this equipment. Want to learn more?   Read More »

Large Commercial #Cannabis Trimmers


In this Video Jorge Cervantes visits Trim Scene Solutions. He shows you some large commercial bud trimmer in the first video in this new series. More details about the commercial bud trimmers in later videos.   Read More »

Recovering Outdoor Cannabis (Part 2)

Jorge Watering

In this Video Jorge Cervantes shows how to fertilize your plants that have been hit by a hard drought. First removing the straw to expose the soil, Applying fertilizer to the soil. Then covering back up with straw before watering. This is Part 2 of Recovering Outdoor Cannabis Plants.   Read More »

Recovering Cannabis Plants Outdoors (Part 1)

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 5.25.13 PM

Due to the drought this year, Jorge Cervantes is taking in sick and dying plants and rescuing them in the hot California drought. This video is part one of two that are related to each other. This video shows Jorge clearing out his tomato plants to make room for the growing marijuana plants. The sick and dying plants don’t look ... Read More »