Saturday , 25 October 2014
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Jorge Cervantes PSA: Keep Your Leaves On!

Jorge Cervantes PSA Keep Your Leaves On!

This video is super serious! So many growers pluck good healthy leaves off the plants. Cannabis leaves are factories that manufacture food for the plant. The more surface area of a good strong green cannabis plant collects sunlight for photosynthesis. The more surface area the stronger and healthier the plant. Remove leaves when they are more than 50% yellow or ... Read More »

Greenhouse Construction Tips by Jorge Cervantes – Bud Rot

Green House Construction Tips by Jorge Cervantes – Bud Rot

Insect damage, including damage from caterpillars, can cause some damage to cannabis plants but not enough damage to worry about. Plants can suffer a little damage and have no major problems. Powdery mildew and bud rot are a different story. Bud rot can be cut out and removed from the garden. Powdery mildew gets into the system of the plant ... Read More »