Tuesday , 1 September 2015
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Grow Cannabis – Dying Plant Up Close & Personal – By Jorge Cervantes


Jorge takes a closer look at plants which show serious signs of water deficiency. Jorge’s investigation reveals colonized fungal spores, root rot, verticillium wilt and green algae. Watch the video to learn how to prevent and control these problems in your garden. Also, review Chapter 24 “Diseases and Pests” in The Cannabis Encyclopedia for more detailed information. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Plants Dying Before Our Eyes – By Jorge Cervantes


Understanding how to diagnose problems in the garden will save you time and money. Jorge Cervantes troubleshoots an indoor ebb and flow grow table which contains plants that are showing signs of sickness. After a quick analyses of the plants in question Jorge finds more than one problem in the garden. Keep watching for more videos from the garden. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Indoor Light Efficiency – By Jorge Cervantes


Jorge shares with his viewers the importance of measuring the amount of light emitted from grow lamps within indoor gardens. Sufficient use of light can help produce big yields at harvest. Inadequate use of light can cause hindrances in the garden and can possibly become a huge expense in many ways. Investing in a light meter is one way to ... Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Indoor Grow Rooms – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge Cervantes shares two examples of indoor gardens from inside “The Grow House”, a two room garden. A grow tent is one example of creating a quick and easy grow setup. Another is to simply build an “A” frame stand inside of a room and hang your lights. Watch the video for more information about each room. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Day 124 Harvest – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge Cervantes shares a video of the outdoor garden. A majority of the plants in the raised garden have been harvested. Only one plant remains to be harvested from the test bed. The “2003” is a bit early but Jorge decides he will cut it down anyway. He also takes viewers inside to view “La Cosecha” or the harvest. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Day 122 Harvest – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge gives viewers a quick update about his harvest. The harvested plants are currently in different stages. Some buds are currently hanging on the drying rack and some are being trimmed by Jorge’s nephew. Stay tuned for more videos from Jorge Cervantes. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Day 120 Harvest – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge Cervantes finishes harvesting the raised garden beds. The first raised bed has been completely harvested. Jorge takes notice of the root formation of one plant stalk which shows signs of bounded roots. The second and third raised beds are ready for harvest. Keep watching for more updates from the garden. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Day 109 Harvest – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge fast forwards to harvest day. The plants are in full bloom and ready to harvest. A couple of plants were ready to harvest a few days earlier and are currently drying or curing. Watch as Jorge takes you into his personal harvest room. Stay tuned for more videos from Jorge Cervantes. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Day 39 – by Jorge Cervantes


Welcome to another update from garden. It has been two weeks since the trellis was put up and the plants look good except for a couple which show signs of trouble. Moles have started to dig up the garden and damage plant roots. Jorge attempts to flood the holes created by the moles. Stay tuned for more updates from the ... Read More »