Sunday , 25 January 2015
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Grow Cannabis – Jorge’s Garden Day 4 – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge explains what happens when you have large plants holding for to long in one and three gallon containers. The one gallon container plants shows significant signs of drought while the three gallon container plants show signs of nutrient deficiencies and root damage. Jorge also explains his plan of action for transplanting his plants into his raised garden beds and ... Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Jorge’s Garden Day 3 – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge shares an update on the condition of his newly acquired cannabis strains. The plants start showing some improvement as they begin to acclimate to the outdoor conditions. Jorge allows 2-3 hours of direct sunlight to help harden the plants. He also starts a 24-hour brew of his activated aerated compost tea to help suppress powdery mildew in the raised ... Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Interview with Sensi Seeds – by Jorge


Jorge interviews Ravi Dronkers, son of Sensi Seeds founder, Ben Dronkers. Ravi explains the new seed offerings from Sensi. Ravi and Jorge reminisce about the culinary pleasures of Barcelona, where the Spannabis is held. Ravi announces the Hemp and Marijuana museum will open on Carrier Ample near the Mediterranean in Barcelona. Read More »