Saturday , 7 March 2015
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Grow Cannabis – Jorge’s Garden Day 26 Part 1 – by Jorge Cervantes

Day-26 6

Here’s another update from the garden. This week Jorge shares his recipe for activated aerated compost tea. He sprays his garden with the tea solution to suppress powdery mildew which has started to infiltrate the garden. There are many advantages to using this tea in your garden. Keep watching or visit the online forum for more information. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Jorge’s Garden Day 23 – by Jorge Cervantes


The plants have acclimated quite well to the outdoor environment after using the shade cloth for a couple of weeks. Jorge has now removed the shade cloth and the plants are starting show more vigor. A couple of the plants show signs of positive phototropism. The leaves have oriented themselves in the direction of the sun. Stay tuned for more ... Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Jorge’s Garden Day 5 – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge shares an update from the garden. The plants have been transplanted into the raised garden beds. The plants have not completely been acclimated to direct sunlight. Jorge uses 50% shade cloth to help keep the plants cool and shaded. Keep watching each week for more updates from Jorge’s garden. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Jorge’s Garden Day 4 – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge explains what happens when you have large plants holding for to long in one and three gallon containers. The one gallon container plants shows significant signs of drought while the three gallon container plants show signs of nutrient deficiencies and root damage. Jorge also explains his plan of action for transplanting his plants into his raised garden beds and ... Read More »

Grow Cannabis – SmartPots – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge interviews Dustin from SmartPots at Spannabis in Barcelona, Spain. Spannabis is the biggest cannabis fair in the world. Dustin explains how SmartPots air-prune roots which causes the root system to grow profusely. Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Jorge’s Garden Day 3 – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge shares an update on the condition of his newly acquired cannabis strains. The plants start showing some improvement as they begin to acclimate to the outdoor conditions. Jorge allows 2-3 hours of direct sunlight to help harden the plants. He also starts a 24-hour brew of his activated aerated compost tea to help suppress powdery mildew in the raised ... Read More »