Sunday , 23 November 2014
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Grow Cannabis – Overgrow! – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge takes you on a maintenance tour of an indoor garden. The garden is overgrown and poorly maintained. Some plants do not receive enough light to grow fast and become overwatered. Other plants grow so fast they grow into the lamp! Many plants are affected by toxic nutrient buildup in the soil.   Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Airflow – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge walks through a big ebb and flow hydroponic garden and examines the air circulation and ventilation in the room. He points out many ventilation fans that are running under capacity. He explains about back pressure on a fan motor and the additional stress it causes. This is on top of the inefficient use of the fan. Cool filtered intake ... Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Transplanting Lucid Dream into a SmartPot – by Jorge Cervantes


Jorge shows and explains how to transplant clones growing in one-gallon containers to three-gallon root-pruning SmartPots. He explains how the pots differ from conventional plastic or ceramic containers. Roots tend to hit the inside of a plastic container and circle around. SmartPots and GeoPots use air to “air-prune” roots. Air-pruning causes roots to develop much denser profuse root systems. Jorge ... Read More »

Grow Cannabis – Social Media Request – by Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Request

Jorge Cervantes thanks his viewers, readers, and the millions of people he has helped over the years. Now, he’s requesting your help. You can also help millions of people grow great Cannabis by re-tweeting, forwarding, embedding, and posting the information he shares through his social media accounts and website. Together, we can help millions and millions of people make the ... Read More »