This book is a hand that reaches everyone interested in the subject. The book is amazing and I guarantee that everyone who reads it will immediately love it. It is an extremely usefull source of vital information that is very difficult to get from somewhere else. The information that this book provides is compiled through many years and the result is an amazing masterpiece that every person in the field should have. Respect to our friend Jorge Cervantes. Never stop amazing us.


Great book!! A one stop for all growing manual(s) for any level of experience, well designed with pictures, content, do’s and dont’s.Perfect if you’re starting or thinking about starting, all the way to the advance grower…..a must have book. Great job Jorge

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Coming from a strong plant background, I am extremely pleased with this book. This is a definitive text for all levels of growers, even experts can learn something new. With tons of helpful pictures and explained tables and charts, all aspects of cannabis are represented and each chapter is well written. Jorge Cervantes leaves nothing out and does not disappoint. Highly recommend!

Ben Riles

Just came in 3 days early 😀 this is an amazing book I own 3 of ed Rosenthal one of Rob Clarks book a few from Seymore buds and some other random titles and with this book I might be giving my old books to friends or donating them to my locale hydro shop .. This is the only book you will need easy to understand but very thorough Jorge hasn’t missed anything and I swear they have come out with HD 1080p tv this book is as high definition as it gets just beautiful I can almost smell the cola from the pages. I am just a regular guy not getting paid to write this and I do to write reviews often no need to take this with a grain of salt go buy the book it cost peanuts for what you are getting


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Closed Loop BHO Cannabis Extractors

Jorge Cervantes speaks with Anthony at Trim Scene Solutions and checks out these large BHO closed loop cannabis extractors. During this tour, Anthony talks about the extractors, what they do, how to use them and so much more. Safety first! Only professionals should be using this equipment. Want to learn more?